Close-up Magic

Amazing Lou: Close up Magician in Maine

Experience Magic in your hand!

Close-up magic is high impact magic that happens either in front of your nose or in your hand! With the use of cards, sponges, hankerchiefs, rope, and coins this style of magic uses everyday items to create the experience of magic.

"I am happy to recommend Lou Ward as a quality magician. It was an interactive and exciting performance. His performance was appropriate for the whole family."-Ruthann Dowling, MBNA

Perfect for restaurants, dinner parties, grand openings, Cocktail parties, trade shows, fairs, and anywheres where there are small groups of people that you want to impress. People will leave wondering how it was done and will tell others about their experience.

Contact Maine magician, Amazing Lou today to find out more about his close up magic and how it can help make your event more successful. 


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